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Overview of Four/Five Year Curriculum

Course-work for analytic candidates consists of four/five years of theoretical and clinical seminars. The curriculum consists of seminars in which candidates explore and discuss the theory and practice of psychoanalysis from its beginnings to current trends.

The course of study at CJC encourages candidate independence, along with responsibility to master a core body of psychoanalytic knowledge. Candidates are invited to propose their own electives and to engage in independent study. Candidates will demonstrate clinical skill and understanding of basic psychoanalytic principle through their performance in supervision, written case reports, and seminars.

A Developmental perspective has been integrated into each of these tracks. Beginning with the study of the works of Freud, the Basic Concept/Theoretical Track moves progressively through other significant works in the development of ego psychology, object relations schools of thought, self-psychology, and contemporary issues such as infant observation studies particularly as they relate to clinical analysis with adults and the relevance of neuro-biological research to analytic theory.

The Development Theory Track surveys normal child development from birth through adulthood. Using classic and contemporary papers, audio-visual materials, direct observations and clinical examples, class discussions will focus on the development of the ego and the instinctual drives; the emergence of the self; development of object relations; development of gender identity; the Oedipus complex in boys and girls; the development of the super-ego and ego ideal; and phase specific tasks and core conflicts.

The Psychopathology Track explores Freud’s early cases and goes on to understand the range of psychopathology, which is treated by psychoanalysis.

The Clinical/Technique Track includes seminars on the theory of psychoanalytic process and its techniques as well as clinical seminars in which material from a psychoanalyst is presented. The emphasis is on the unfolding of the analytic process, interpretation, and the technical handling of transference and resistance as well as specific problems. The clinical courses are designed to parallel the candidate’s experience of actual work with patients.

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