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About Our Artists
Throughout our website, you will notice works of arts featured on some of our pages. The artists have graciously offered to donate 20% of any sales referred from The Center. To get to know more about the artists and to see a 'gallery' of their works, please click here.




The free programs and lectures available on this site are made possible in part by your generous donations. Help us continue our mission of promoting mental health to the world. Thank you!

The Carter-Jenkins Center Programs promoting mental health are seen internationally. As a non-profit educational organization, we are grateful for your contributions, which are tax deductible.


(Nov. 1, 23) Re-released! Creativity and the Creative Process in the Psychoanalytic Lectures section. [Comment on the CJC Blogsite]

(Oct. 25, 23) Re-released! Suicide Update, in the Psychoanalytic Lectures section. [Comment on the CJC Blogsite]

(Oct. 18, 23) Re-released! Interview of Dr. Sterba by Dr. Parcells, in the Historical section. [Comment on the CJC Blogsite]


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