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Finance, Economics and Psychoanalysis

Title Accompanying Notes & Papers Presenter
What Makes Traders Trade -- and How That is Changing in the Digital Age -- 1hr 21min [Video Only (YouTube)(WMV)]
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Ken Eisold


Information Technologies and Psychoanalysis

Title Accompanying Notes & Papers Presenter

The Stars are not for Mankind? by Nitin Uchil & Shreekumar Vinekar

This pioneering article introduces the concept of Existential Intelligence (EI) as the next evolutionary step beyond “technological adolescence” and current definitions of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The authors, Nitin Uchil and Shreekumar S Vinekar, MD, present the evolution of the concept of EI in a unique style of a resonant interplaying  (“jugalbandi”) of computational sciences with mythology, philosophy, psychoanalysis and anthropology in this boldly explorative prequel. The result is a fascinating and audacious envisioning of “sentient” artificial intelligence evolving on Earth with a potential of becoming an extension of the ears and eyes of the human consciousness to perceive and interact with objects existing in the farthest reaches of the universe. The realization of EI as envisioned  would eliminate unnecessary endangerment to humans in outer space and could inaugurate a well-integrated preservation, distribution and management of natural resources on Earth.

Nitin Uchil & Shreekumar Vinekar






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